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R Resources

  • Human Paleobiology Statistics Course - This is the course website I created for the Human Paleobiology statistics course in the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology at George Washington University. The site includes a detailed R tutorial, as well as lectures on statistical topics, with a focus on practical implementation.

Web Development Projects

  • Academic Phylogeny of Physical Anthropology - This site tracks ancestor-descendant relationships between PhDs in physical anthropology. I created this site with Brett Nachman and Liza Shapiro.

  • Paleocore - Paleocore is an NSF funded project that aims to create a data standard for paleoanthropology to facilitate data sharing. I am a member of this project, and have been heavily involved in its development.

  • Faces of Fieldwork - An outreach project showing the public the personal side of fieldwork. Stories of researchers getting dusty and dirty doing fieldwork all around the world

Blogs I Like

Open-Source Computing Projects I Love

  • Rstudio - cross-platform integrated environment for using R including feature-rich code editor with syntax highlighting, code-completion, docked graphics, version controo, package management etc. You will get more done in R if you use RStudio!

  • ggplot2 - the best graphing package for R. Beats the pants off of the base R graphics.

  • Django - A web-application framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Written in Python.

  • Jekyll - a blog-aware, static site generator written in Ruby. You are currently looking at a Jekyll site.

  • Data-Driven Documents (D3) - a Javascript library for creating beautiful web visualizations from data.


W. Andrew Barr