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Mille Logya Research Project

The Mille Logya Research Project (MLP) is a Plio-Pleistocene research project in the Afar region of Ethiopia (PI - Zeray Alemseged). The project is located to the northeast of Hadar and Dikika. I joined the MLP scientific team in 2014, and participated in the first full field season.

The focus of our research at MLP is on uncovering new fossil evidence for human evolution during the late Pliocene. This time period is of major interest to paleoanthropology, because our own genus Homo first appears during this interval. The earliest evidence for Homo was recently reported from the adjacent Ledi-Geraru research area.

We are conducting fieldwork in the MLP research area to understand the geological context and to systematically document the fauna during this important temporal interval. This is an international effort with an Ethiopian PI and senior scientists from institutions in France, Germany, and the United States.

Excavating a relatively complete hippo skull


W. Andrew Barr